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Structure Meets the Natural World in Auralee

Auralee women's clothing invokes designer Ryota Iwai’s passion for boxy menswear shapes. An ode to exacting tailoring and concise yet elegant forms, this brand is uniquely Japanese in its minimalist approach to luxury.

At Ludivine, we appreciate Auralee’s ability to combine modern color — often inspired by the morning light — with carefully sourced fabrics and distinctive tailoring. Each collection embodies a different approach, yet the brand always seamlessly combines the beauty of the natural world with a sustainably minded approach to design.

Though minimalist, each Auralee garment takes on the wearer’s personality — all while remaining infinitely functional.

Auralee Clothing Is Crafted from One-of-a-Kind Fabrics

The brand prides itself on its original fabrics often sourced from Japan. Texture is a critical part of Ryota Iwai’s vision; This manifests in a unique assortment of materials and yarn for each collection.

Bolstered by strong supplier relationships, Auralee clothing for women is always crafted from one-of-a-kind fabrics that, while minimalist, attract the eye. In a world of noise, this cult-favorite Japanese brand offers understated glamour that captivates.

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Meet Designer Ryota Iwai

Japanese designer Ryota Iwai founded Auralee in 2015 after graduating from the Bunka Fashion College — an esteemed Tokyo dress-making school. In 2019, Iwai won the Fashion Prize of Tokyo at Rakuten Fashion Week, propelling the designer and his brand into the spotlight.

Auralee clothing is guided by Iwai’s philosophy: Personal style outlasts trends, as should his pieces. He believes that clothing is a way to express oneself rather than a medium through which a brand gains publicity.

For that reason, you may not recognize Auralee clothing instantly — but rather remark upon the wearer.

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Auralee Embodies Understated, Timeless Glamour

Existing outside of seasons and trends, Auralee garments exist in a category of their own. Though simple and wearable, these pieces are far from bland — the carefully sourced materials themselves attract attention.

At Ludivine, we appreciate Auralee’s dedication to luxurious basics, no matter what’s in vogue. These chic pieces are sure to become some of your favorites.