AZLEE Jewelry Draws Inspiration from Ancient Civilizations

Ludivine’s favorite pieces from the American jeweler include their delicate diamond-embellished pendants featuring zodiac and animal themes.

Though hand-crafted with the modern woman in mind, these necklaces are reminiscent of Byzantium and Ancient Greece, when gold coin necklaces represented the height of fashion. Some AZLEE pieces would fit effortlessly among 1st-century pendants from the reign of Justinian the Great.

The Zodiac Small Diamond Necklace is embellished with the twelve signs of the zodiac. Inspired by ancient Rome, when astrology could determine who ruled empires, the coin necklace effortlessly combines old themes with modern craftsmanship.

Capturing the Hollywood Golden Age

Again, other AZLEE pieces succeed in conveying the past, this time through thoughtful Art Deco detailing. At Ludivine, we appreciate several necklaces’ and earrings’ unmistakable Art Deco flair conveyed through geometric shapes and contrast.

These pieces seem to suggest early 20th century Los Angeles — Old Hollywood glamour at its height yet are infinitely wearable.

AZLEE Jewelry Is Infinitely Wearable

Few artisans combine the glamour of fine jewelry with wearability as successfully as AZLEE jewelry.

The line’s hand-crafted emerald pendant compliments a Gabriela Hearst dress as well as a Ciao Lucia top. Similarly, diamond earrings can dress up a flattering pair of Tu es mon TRESOR jeans and fit with a demure Emilia Wickstead piece.

The Designer Behind AZLEE Jewelry

Imagined by founder and designer Baylee Ann Zwart, this line is founded on the principles of sustainability and timeless design. AZLEE came to life was while Zwart was working at TOMS in Design and Product Sustainability.

In her material sourcing and classic approach to design, Baylee Ann Zwart draws upon her work at Allure and Glamour magazines and in Guatemala in the fair-trade sphere.

A favorite among Hollywood A-listers, including Scarlett Johansson, Emma Watson, and Rihanna, this unique line proves that sustainably-minded fashion is the way of the future. Pair with a fall wedding guest dress or wear it every day.