Ciao Lucia Dresses & Tops Will Transport You to the French Riviera

Few brands convey summer leisure as convincingly as Ciao Lucia. Using soft, often sustainably sourced cotton and luxe silks, Ciao Lucia dresses and tops will transport you directly to the Amalfi Coast and the French Riviera.

We love the Victorian inspiration found in many of this line’s blouses, as well as the cool-girl ease of its dresses, both short and long. Whether you are looking for suitcase-friendly essentials for an Italian vacation or chic basics for the city, Ciao Lucia is the answer.

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Effortlessly Flattering Yet Steeped in History

There are centuries of fashion behind these infinitely wearable pieces. Many romantic Ciao Lucia tops are reminiscent of peasant clothing, both sweet and sensual. Others draw upon Victorian necklines and cinched waists. Some dresses and skirts inhabit that perfect in-between of beachwear meets sweltering city chic.

ciao lucia dresses

Though this line specializes in effortless, cool-girl elegance, it calls upon fashion trends long since passed to transport you to the Mediterranean.

Ciao Lucia Dresses Are Produced with an Eye for Sustainability

Making you feel like you’re on an eternal vacation is only one benefit of wearing Ciao Lucia tops. This 2017-born line also sources sustainable, eco-friendly materials for many of its pieces.

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Specifically, the brand uses cupro: recycled cotton made from parts of the plant usually thrown away during production. Not only is this a responsible choice for our planet, but cupro may also be incredibly durable, hypoallergenic, and quick-drying. Crafted in luxurious, practical, and environmentally friendly fabrications, Ciao Lucia tops, and dresses are made to last.

ciao lucia dresses


Ciao Lucia Dresses: Why We Love Them

There is something joyful in Ciao Lucia’s combination of prints, loose silhouettes, and romantic necklines. We appreciate this Los Angeles-made line’s ability to combine form with function: You will be equally delighted to wear a Ciao Lucia top to dinner and the beach.