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Meet Spalwart: The Last Word in Luxury Sneakers

Lined with calfskin and featuring sumptuous Italian suede, Spalwart shoes, now on sale, are famous for their attention to detail. The line’s best-selling Marathon Trail features a unique vulcanized sole. The Marathon Trail, inspired by a ‘70s running shoe, is available in limited colors every season, with regular restocks of black, white, and blue.

In addition to the Marathon Trail, this Swedish shoe line has various high and low sneakers, including another Ludivine favorite: the Trailblazer.

The Craftmanship Behind Spalwart Sneakers

What sets Spalwart apart? Every sneaker is crafted on traditional shoe-making equipment. Specifically, the brand was born when its co-founders, Fredrik Johansson and Christoffer Battin, sourced ’50s machinery from a Slovakian shoe factory.

As this shoe line has expanded and garnered acclaim from a fashionable crowd, its founders continue to manufacture shoes throughout Europe on vintage machinery. Spalwart’s signature look and comfort result from years of craftsmanship, an eye for vintage detailing, and a deep appreciation for the modern sneaker wearer.

The Story Behind the Sneaker

This Swedish sneaker line was founded in 2010 by Fredrik Johansson and Christoffer Battin. This is the duo’s second sneaker line after Rokin, which they closed down before launching Spalwart. These shoes quickly became a cult favorite on both coasts, despite the brand’s under-the-radar approach to marketing.

Autumn Spalwart Sale

There is no wrong way to wear these iconic Swedish sneakers, which add a touch of Scandinavian streetwear to any look. The perfect combination of retro with muted, modern hues, these shoes are a great way to dress down a dress or skirt in the summer. They’re also perfect with Tu es mon TRESOR or R13 denim for an understated chic look.