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Designers Formerly of The Row and Ralph Lauren

Former ballet dancer Vladimir Teriokhin has long been a force in the knitwear industry. Backstage at St. Petersburg's famous Mikhaelovisky Theatre, Teriokhin learned how to sew.

Before starting his own line, Teriokhin produced knits for the likes of Oscar de la Renta, Marc Jacobs, and Vera Wang. He has also worked with other industry leaders, including The Row and Proenza Schouler, to refine their knitwear lines.

With business partnerand designer in her own rightAllyson Spencer, Teriokin has entered the spotlight with his own label. Today, Spencer Vladimir sweaters attract attention in their own right, being seen on Miley Cyrus and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Spencer Vladimir: Where Fantasy Meets Luxury

Despite their wearability, this New York City-based knitwear company is famous for creative shapes, thick knits, and colorful materials. This season, we are partial to the line’s knitwear maxi dresses, great for an outdoor party or lunch.

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In a sea of black basic knits, Spencer Vladimir infuses a sense of fantasy that can transport you to the beach or the slopes, depending on the season. Combine the line’s knowledge of the female form with their craftsmanship and the result is unforgettable knits that appear custom-made.