Chic Meets Comfortable in Tu es mon TRESOR Denim

Unparalleled attention to craftsmanship, material, and silhouette come together to create the perfect pair of jeans. In other words, creating jeans that look and feel this good is no simple task.

When Tokyo-based designer Aimi Sahara launched Tu es mon TRESOR mid-pandemic, she envisioned a return to simple lines with a distinctly Japanese approach to manufacturing.

The result is a denim-only line that embodies the elegant simplicity of the moment.

How to Wear Tu es mon TRESOR Jeans

It’s hard to go wrong with this line. Pair this denim with a t-shirt and Spalwart sneakers for a casual look, or elevate it with sandals and a Métier handbag.

This Japanese designer denim line works effortlessly with casual t-shirts and tailored blazers alike thanks to exacting craftmanship, subtle details, and the highest quality material.

Each Pair Is Named After a Precious Stone

Each style is named after a precious stone — be it Emerald, Amethyst, or Ruby. Notice subtle suggestions in each style’s design toward its namesake stone. For instance, the Emerald high-rise straight leg jean features a green embroidered buttonhole.

Tu es mon TRESOR Jeans Are Made in Japan

Tu es mon TRESOR jeans are manufactured in a 50-year-old Japanese factory in northern Japan. A counterpoint to fast fashion, this denim line prioritizes quality and craftsmanship — encouraging their customers to adopt a more sustainable approach to fashion.