R13 Jeans: Rebellious Yet Wearable

Punk is back with R13 jeans. You will instantly recognize this designer denim thanks to its distinctive combination of high-fashion tailoring and ’90s riot-grrrl aesthetic.

Why We Love R13 Jeans

This line is rebelliously cool, yet each season is packed with basics that we can’t stop wearing, including tattered boyfriend jeans, effortless silk dresses, oversized leather jackets, and that perfect pair of skinny jeans.

R13 clothing is the perfect mix of Avante-Garde and wearability, bringing you the jeans, jackets, and tops to round out your wardrobe.

Flatteringly cut, R13 dresses are great with a t-shirt during transitional temperatures or without one on hot summer days. Their easy-to-wear silk and velvet slip dresses are great for an elevated casual look, cool enough for a ’90s It Girl.

r13 jeans

R13 boyfriend jeans in faded black - $525.00

Not Just Jeans: R13 Leather Jackets Work with Denim and Dresses Alike

Like R13 jeans, this brand's leather pieces convey an effortless, rock star-inspired cool that somehow goes with everything.

For an easy transitional weather look, pair a silk dress with one of this brand’s iconic oversized leather jackets. Alternatively, combine the brand’s distressed jeans with a leather jacket for a quintessentially American look that works well into the evening.

The Story Behind the Denim

The line was founded by Chris Leba in 2009. Leba is a former Ralph Lauren VP and has worked with brands including American Eagle and J. Crew—all remarkably different from the grunge defiance synonymous with R13 jeans.

For the first few years of the brand’s existence, Leba remained behind the scenes while working as the brand’s creative director. Since then, Leba has taken a more public role.

r13 jeans

R13 Single Stack Chelsea Boot - $1,275.00

Who Was the Riot Grrrl?

The riot-grrl was many things: a political movement, a music genre, and, above all, an empowered aesthetic that pervades fashion to this day.

More specifically, riot-grrl was a ’90s Punk subculture that originated in the Pacific Northwest before spreading around the world. The riot-grrl movement is associated with third-wave feminism and ’90s punk rockers, inspired by ’80s icons like Joan Jett and Janis Joplin.

With their rebellious attitude and distressed detailing, R13 jeans bring the riot-grrrl into the 21st century.

Tu es mon TRESOR jeans are another Ludivine staff favorite.

Remembering the Riot-Grrrl with R13 Jeans

R13 jeans epitomize high-fashion punk. With flattering skinny jeans, perfectly distressed boyfriend jeans, relaxed silk dresses, and graphic tees, R13 has quickly become iconic in the fashion community.

At Ludivine, we’ve long appreciated the brand’s ability to do the impossible: Make essential, wearable pieces that you’ll never forget. Browse our stylist-curated selection of R13 jeans.